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Electronic Verification Code – EVC for Validating Income Tax Returns from A.Y 2013-14

The CBDT has newly introduced Electronic Verification Code for validation of return of income filed electronically on or after 01.04.2015. Assessee who opt for this are no longer required to send ITR -V Verification Form to CPC- Bangalore.

The EVC can be generated under 4 methods. EVC is a 10 digit alphanumeric code ,which will be send to you through SMS/Email and can be used to verify the Income tax return to be used within 72 hours from generation time.

  1. Generate EVC from E-filing website – if your income is less than 5 lakhs and without any refund

  2. Generate OTP by linking Aadhar Card with income tax e-filing website and getting the code through Aadhar registered mobile number

  3. Generate EVC through Net Banking

  4. Generate EVC through ATM

Now, at the time of logging in, you will be prompted to link your Aadhar Number with e-filing website. If your Name, PAN, DOB, Gender Match as per Aadhar match with the income tax records and your Aadhar Number will be successfully linked.

If you had ignored this window the first time, then you and find this option under your “Profile Settings” tab.

After linking your Aadhar, while submitting the return you will get option to

  1. Use EVC already generated

  2. Generate new EVC

  3. Generate Aadhar OTP

  4. Submit ITR-V or E-Verify later

In case you selected E-verify later, option to E-Verify is available under “E-File” menu. Generating OTP through registered mobile number is not useful unless the mobile number registered with Aadhar authority is currently used by you.

Now the Board has extended the time limit for sending ITR-V to Bangalore for return filed without digital signature for the A.Y 2013-14 and 2014-15 also till 31.10.2015. In addition to this the Board has also allowed assessee to use the EVC method to validate these returns.

Here is a Manual on how EVC works for the reference of the readers

EVC e-Verification_User_Manual

CA. Roshan Thomas

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